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Volume Licensing

Are you getting the most out of your technology budget? Most manufacturers offer a Volume Discount or Volume-Licensing program and often at very low entry levels, but all have different options, restrictions, and language! We have highlighted some of the most popular Volume License programs and some of the important details. Click on the publisher below to learn more about their specific program!
Call us for pricing on Volume Purchasing at 888-564-4763, option #1 or Click here for your Territory Manager contact information.
» Adobe AVL5 CLP (Contractual Licensing Program)
» Adobe AVL5 TLP (Transactional License Program for Ed/Nonprofit)
» Autodesk
» Corel
» FileMaker
» Inspiration
» Microsoft Campus Agreement
» Microsoft Open License Program (MOLP)
» Microsoft School Agreement
» Nuance Software
» Quark Software
» Symantec
Adobe AVL5 CLP
The Cumulative Licensing Program (CLP) for education is offered to authorized educational institutions. Once you enroll in CLP, you can take advantage of significant volume licensing discount, and other benefits associated with the program. Your organization can cut costs and simplify software administration on volume software licenses over a two-year membership period.
Additional discounts are extended to students and faculty with a signed addendum. No commitment required!
Adobe's CLP 5.0 program is tiered, and provides for cumulative pricing.
Tier 1 = 5,000 point minimum - up to 49,999 points
Tier 2 = 50,000 points up to 99,999 points
Tier 3 = 100,000 and above
Minimum Re-order: There is no minimum.
Mix and Match: You may mix and match product titles, platforms, uplifts, and maintenance.
Established Pricing: License price remains at achieved tier until points accumulate to next price level.
Shipping Information and Timeframe: Media will ship within 48 to 72 hours, subject to availability. Media will ship via FedEx ground, direct to the end user only.
License Fulfillment: The name listed on the purchase order, receives an email from Adobe upon the completion of the order. This email provides a web url, personalized login and password. With this information, you will be able to access Adobe's Licensing Web Site to view your serial numbers. One per product, per platform, for every Adobe title ordered.
Media and Documentation/Manuals: Is not included and if needed, must be purchased in addition to the licensing. Boxed product, or finished goods, will not function to install licensing serial numbers.
Home or Portable Computer Use Rights: Yes
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Adobe AVL5 TLP
Adobe's Transactional Licensing Program (TLP) 5 makes it easy to get volume pricing with no membership requirements and no agreements to sign.
Minimum Re-order: 1 license
Minimum Re-order: Each order is an individual transaction
Upgrades: Upgrades are not available
Home or Portable Computer Use Rights: Yes
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Autodesk offers institutions and schools affordable pricing on Autodesk Education Suites and standalone software.
Minimum Order: 1 for all titles (LT EDU must be purchased for at least qty 2- any less and box product should be purchased).
Minimum Re-order: 1 (Previous Serial Number is required for reorders.)
Mix and Match to meet Minimum: N/A
Subscription: Yes, call for pricing. Serial Number is required for orders without license. Up-to 3 years of subscription can be ordered at once.
Upgrades Available: Yes for specific titles, Previous serial #'s are required. Minimum of 1.
Transactional Pricing: Yes
Shipping Information and Timeframe: Typical order turnaround 24-48 hours, then ships UPS Ground from Autodesk.
License Fulfillment: An install CD is included w/ the license. The serial number for installation is found on the DVD case or box the media comes in.
Home Use Rights: No
Backwards Compatibility: No
Miscellaneous Info: Regarding LT EDU licenses, You (classroom use only) will need to purchase one base license which the serial number will be tied to. The rest of the needed license quantity will be purchased as “add-on” licenses to that existing serial number. Each LT EDU order will need to have both the base part number & add-on part number listed. This ordering method is to ensure that you receive one serial number for entire order.
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Corel’s licensing program makes it easy and affordable for education customers to purchase and administer multiple copies of Corel software. Save time and enjoy significant discounts with flexible solutions that you can customize to meet your needs.
Minimum Order: Single user license available for students. Tiered Institutional licensing starts at 1.
Minimum Re-order: N/A
Mix and Match to meet Minimum: No, but one product can establish a tier level and all products on that order can be at that tier level.
Maintenance/Upgrade Insurance: Available for a 1 year or 2 year term, must be purchased with the license.
Upgrades Available: No, must have maintenance to receive upgrades.
Renewal Requirements: Previous order number, proof of license, renewals must be done prior to expiration.
Shipping Information and Timeframe: 5-7 business day turnaround time. License is emailed to end user. Media, if ordered is shipped via UPS Ground.
License Fulfillment: License emailed to end user. Media and docs if ordered are shipped via UPS ground.
Home Use Rights: Yes
Backwards Compatibility: Yes, allowed to go back one version
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Volume licensing is a discount program open to anyone purchasing 5 or more licenses of FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Pro Advanced, FileMaker Server or FileMaker Server Advanced. Volume licensing saves you money and helps you get more out of your software investment than purchasing single user licenses.
Minimum Order: 5
Minimum Re-order: To add-on new or upgrade FileMaker products to an existing license agreement, you must have a FileMaker or newer VLA. There is no minimum purchase quantity required for add-on products and they count towards the FileMaker Pro minimum volume requirements for each tier. The current VLA number must accompany the order if the total number of units is less than 5.
Mix and Match: Customers can mix & match any FileMaker software products, as well as new and upgrade seats to reach the minimum volume requirement for each tier. Maintenance does not apply towards the 5 seat minimum..
Maintenance: One year of Maintenance is automatically included with all licensing purchases of FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Pro Advanced, FileMaker Server and FileMaker Server Advanced. (Maintenance can be "stacked" for up to 3 years of coverage).
Upgrades: Customers “upgrade” when they replace an eligible older version of the software (e.g., FileMaker Pro 11) with the current version (e.g., FileMaker Pro 12). An upgrade also occurs when a customer transitions from FileMaker Server 11 to FileMaker Server 12 Advanced. In these upgrade situations the FileMaker software license terms state, “the upgrade or update does not constitute the granting of a second license to the Software (i.e., you may not use the upgrade or update in addition to the software it is replacing, nor may you transfer the software which is being replaced to a third party).” Following an upgrade, the customer only has one license because they received a special discount price when they paid for the upgrade.
Cumulative Pricing: No. Each order is transactional.
Shipping Info and Timeframe: Order is emailed within 2-3 days of receipt of order. If ordered media is shipped via FEDEX within 2-3 days.
License Fulfillment: Email with download link.
Media and Documentation/Manuals: Not Included. May be ordered separately for a nominal fee.
Home User Rights: No
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Make the Most of Your Software Budget with Volume Licenses.
Minimum Order: 1 Unit
Minimum Reorder: 1 Unit
Maintenance: No
Renewal Requirements: N/A
Upgrades Available: Yes
Free Upgrades: No
Cumulative Pricing: No
Established Pricing: No
Shipping Timeframe: Orders shipped within 24 hours of receipt of order.
License Fulfillment: License document and media/doc shipped in single package
Media and Docs: Media and Docs included in license order, 1 set per order
Home Use Rights: Yes for Teachers and Staff only
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Microsoft Campus Agreement
A simple, flexible program that enables you to standardize your software across your organization, keep your technology up-to-date and place software orders annually and as needed throughout the year. Each Campus Agreement includes the benefits of Software Assurance, and one MSDN Academic Alliance membership. Academic volume license customers may choose to grant Work at Home rights to faculty and staff.
Call us at 888-564-4763, option #1 or
Click here for your Territory Manager contact information.
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Microsoft Open License Program (MOLP)
Open License for Academic offers one license agreement and a "pay-as-you-go" approach to volume licensing for academic institutions of all sizes. Open License for Academic customers can administer licenses online with (eOpen) and may choose to grant Work at Home rights to faculty and staff. In addition, Open License for Academic offers you the option to include Software Assurance which allows you to stay current with the latest versions of your licensed software.
Minimum Order: 5 Units
Minimum Reorder: 1 Unit
Mix and Match to meet Minimum: Yes
Maintenance: Yes, Maintenance is called Software Assurance, lasts for two years, and is renewable. Must be purchased at the time of license purchase.
Shipping Timeframe: Allow 2-3 day turnaround time.
License Fulfillment: Administer your licenses with eOpen, a Web-based license delivery and management system. The secure eOpen Web site reflects our record of the license status of all of your Open License acquisitions. With each acquisition, you will receive access to the site to view the license status, data, acquisition and return details, Open License agreements, and other information.
Media: Downloadable from Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center web site.
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Microsoft Volume Licensing Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES) - School Agreements
Microsoft’s Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES) is an easy, cost-effective offer that provides qualified academic customers a simplified way to acquire Microsoft software and services under a single, subscription enrollment. EES offers benefits such as assured coverage for desktop platform products with one annual count of employees, the ability to easily add additional products in any quantity, self-service tools for simplified asset management, and immediate access to benefits, such as product upgrades through Microsoft Software Assurance, so you can boost the productivity of your faculty and staff and optimize the return on your technology investments. EES offers participating institutions the benefits of the following, and much more.
Click here for additional program information or
Call us at 888-564-4763, option #1 or
Click here for your Territory Manager contact information.
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Nuance Software
Minimum Order: 50 points
Minimum Reorder: 20 points
Mix and Match: Can mix and match all products to meet minimum point buy-in
Maintenance/Subscription/Upgrade Insurance: Available for products for a one year term. Must be purchased on 1:1 ratio with license. If purchased, all subsequent purchases must also have upgrade assurance.
Upgrades: Available for certain products.
Contract Number/Registration number/serial number required: Yes, need license agreement number for OLP re-orders which can be done for 2 years.
Cumulative Pricing: No
Established Pricing: Yes, re-orders can be purchased at the original buy-in level. Buy in level is in place for 2 years after 1st purchase and then resets.
Shipping Info and Timeframe: Ships within 48-72 hours via UPS Ground.Ships from East Coast.
License Fulfillment: Initial orders include one media, one doc, and one master serial number. Dragon new licenses include one headset per user - Dragon upgrade orders do NOT include the headset.
Media and Documentation/Manuals: One each included. Additional may be purchased.
Home Use Rights: No
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Quark Software
Quark's Education Program delivers something for everyone across the education spectrum. From educators and design students to an entire school or school district, you have access to the tools professionals use — at a fraction of the cost!
Minimum Order: 5 units for new CONCURRENT licenses and 2 units for ACTIVATION licenses.
Minimum Reorder: 1 unit if adding on to an existing license, serial # must be provided.
Mix and Match to meet Minimum: May mix upgrades and new licenses to meet minimum of 2 for Activation or 5 for Concurrent.
Maintenance: Yes
Upgrades Available: Yes, Previous serial #'s are required. Runcounts on existing sites must be upgraded in full. Cannot upgrade from box product to licensing.
Shipping Timeframe: 2-3 business days, ships UPS Ground.
License Fulfillment: CD to load the software, Quark License Administrator (QLA) and license card.
Media: Included with purchase of a license
Home Use Rights: Allowed, as granted by local site administrator through Quark License Administrator (QLA) “remote checkout” capability.
Miscellaneous Info: Quark License Administrator (FREE) is required to run license. Must be installed in a networked environment.
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Symantec has developed this Education Program as a simple, flexible and cost-effective way for education establishments to purchase Symantec Security Software.
Minimum Order: 5 Units
Minimum Reorder: 5 Units
Mix and Match to meet Minimum: Yes, excluding Level S skus (ex: Student Usage, Backup Exec)
Mix and Match to meet tier Level: Yes, excluding Level S skus (ex: Student Usage, Backup Exec)
Maintenance: Yes
Renewal Requirements: For all licensing renewals, provide a Symantec Sales Order Certificate or Renewal ID#.
Upgrades Available: Yes
Free Upgrades: if maintenance is current
Tier Pricing: Yes
Cumulative Pricing: No
Established Pricing: No
Shipping Timeframe: Once order is to Symantec, license will ship within 2-3 business days.
License Fulfillment: License will be emailed, media must be purchased separately and is shipped UPS.
Media: Media packs should be purchased at the time of order, can purchase up to as many licenses as you are ordering.
Downloadable Media: Yes, when end-user registers the product in the Licensing Portal.
Tech Support: Yes, some products come with one free year, others need to be purchased separately.
Home Use Rights: Must purchase the rights to home use
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For pricing on volume purchasing, call us at 888-564-4763, option #1.